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just a small psa that so long as you’re not a meanie bobeanie and tag your dislike of a thing (let’s hypothetically say a fic) then it’s perfectly okay to say that you might not like a fic. a personal blog is a personal blog, for your own posts.

This doesn’t give you a licence to send hate to the author, but nor does it give you the excuse to be mean to the OP when they don’t tag it. 

Righty o! Back to our respective fic readings and the like.

Anonymous said: I was wondering if you could help me find a fanfic I read a while back. It had Mystrade and Johnlock and the only part I remember was both couples had traveled to visit mummy Holmes and ended up having a food fight in the car. Maybe, hopefully, you know what I'm talking about?

Hey, this is Rhiannon :) I’m not sure I’ve read anything like that, but I’ll certainly have a look for you! Maybe Jess or anyone else in the community knows where that fic is?


Look at what the lovely Jess sent me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was also tea but mother stole it eheheh

In Silence

Author: some kind of harmony

Archive Warnings: Angst, depression, repression

Word Count: 9,224

Review: A wonderful fic here. Beautifully descriptive, it details the difficulty of Mycroft and Greg’s relationship after the fall, with a lovely little twist at the end.

Grade: A

Read it here

On an unrelated note, I apologise sincerely for my absence. As Jess mentioned, I’ve just started university, which has been a very busy and turbulent time for me. Nevertheless, I’m sure I’ll be able to review a lot more now that I’ve settled in.

Rhiannon x

An Apology.

Hello! Jess here!

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of *everything* recently, Rhi has just started uni and I’m coming up to exams, so we’re at that stage of procrastinating and running around aimlessly.


We’ve got lots of fics and reviews planned, so do not fret! It’s lovely to see so many of you following, and there’ll hopefully be a giveaway soon!

Keep submitting!

Jess x

Anonymous said: So you really think Mystrade is a crack ship? and you run a Mystrade tumblr? Right.

Rhiannon here -

At the moment, one could say that Mystrade is a crack ship. That does not mean, as Jess said, that it couldn’t become canon. And for me, the possibility that it could become canon makes me ship Mystrade all the more. Crack ships - whoever considers them to be crack or not - are still ships, and when Jess said that she considered it to be crack (at the moment), she wasn’t undermining the pairing. I mean - you said it - we run a Mystrade tumblr, which means we are obviously passionate about them. Jess and I have fallen in love with the ship, and that’s why we do what we do. ‘Nuff said.

Rhi x



Thought I might leap to my defence here slightly.

When I say Crack, I mean A) generated by the fandom and B) one that hasn’t got any reference in the show.


I am sorry to have caused any misunderstanding, but it wasn’t meant to demean the ship (which is my OTP, by the way, hence the tumblrs.) So yeah :D 

Anonymous said: Why do you ship Mystrade? What started it?

Tale as old as time….. Wait, wrong movie. (Also, in that scenario, I think that Mycroft has to be Belle.)


Why do I ship Mystrade. By Jess. 

Mystrade is most certainly a craic ship. There is little (okay, no) interaction between the two characters on screen. (The key point is on screen. We don’t see things like John going for a weewee but we know he does it, so why not mystrade?) The ship began in the fandom, and spread through tumblr. Many people accept it as just a side ship, to put the characters who are so far unshipped into ships.

However, for myself, Mystrade is my otp. (Hence why I seem to run about 10 mystrade blogs. (Okay, three. Still.) For me, I see that there is depth of the two characters, things that are mearly hinted at in the series, but that fandoms have made their collective headcanons. For example, we know that Lestrade had a crap marriage. How did he feel about that? A forty something DI silver fox, what does he do now? Mycroft’s typically the ‘ice man.’ Why? How can he or someone else fix that? 

We know it’s not out of the relms of possiblity for it to be canon. The characters would have to interact. (We see they do in Hounds.) Mycroft kidnaps John in ASiP and he’s known him two days. Lestrade has known him for FIVE YEARS. With a brother who’s that protective, of course he’ll interview the DI. 

In addition, the ship isn’t just about the circumstances. What emotions are behind the two? Mycroft’s your typical upper class man, remarkably intelligent and sophisticated. Lestrade’s the typical working/middle class man, still intelligent but not Holmes level, enjoys beer and a kick about. Two different worlds, bound together. 

Isn’t that just so interesting? Both characters are damaged, both had trouble in their lives. Finally they can find someone to cherish and love who wont hurt them. Sure they’ll have fights, Mycroft might be a silly person sometimes, and Greg’ll hide the remote, but they’ll work out. This ship isn’t about slash. It’s love. So that’s why I ship Mystrade. 

Jess x

Any further questions or comments? Rhiannon, wish to add?

Doesn’t Mean I’m Lost

Author: ScrewsGoTight (

Archive Warnings: Angst, Character Death

Word Count: 11,961

Read it here

Review:  Well. I got so into this fic. The language and structure is wonderful, but I just love how well written this fic really is. It’s utterly fantastic, and I was sobbing by the end of it. Heartily recommended!

Grade:  A

Update: New Chapter!

Hello all!

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer, I speak for both Rhiannon and myself when I say that I think we’ve been on tumblr almost perpetually!

We’re currently working our way through submissions, but it’s always fantastic to get more, so please do keep them coming in!

Just a little note for all you ParentStrade lovers out there, Miles To Keep, a fanfiction reviewed a while back, has another chapter, here

Hope you have fun reading, keep up the submissions and THANKS FOR FOLLOWING!


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On behalf of Jess and myself, thank you very much darling! <3

Four Times Mycroft Repressed His Tears And The One Time He Cried

Author: oOWhite Fox From NorthOo 

Archive Warnings: Angst, slight drug use, feels.

Word Count: 2,689

Read it here

Review: Well, I didn’t expect to have this level of feels. This story spans many years,  showing Mycroft’s feelings and his suppression of them in different circumstances, right up until something happens to him that finally breaks it. Full of feels, lots of them brotherly, Mystrade in the end. 

Grade: B+

Unrelated Note: Jess is back!

Having is as Pleasing as Wanting

Author: irisirene

Archive Warnings: Angst, no fix-it

Word Count: 1,732

Read it here

Review: A short, yet unfortunately entirely believable fic dealing with the possibility and the consequences of terrorist threats on the Mystrade relationship. No happy endings here, but definitely worth a read for the feels.

Grade: B+

Thanks for the submission!

On an unrelated note, as of now, we have 69 followers. Eheheheh.